ACE Pros: A Bridge to Public Health

This week is National Health Week 2021 and this year’s theme is “Building Radiation for Better Health.” Public health has paved the way for everyone’s mind over the past year, with a clear purpose. One of the discussed questions is what can be done by changing the prognosis and health goals to allow people to not only fight COVID-19 disease on an ongoing basis but also prevent any health problems in the future.

It is important to note that the purpose of ACE to keep people moving is, in essence, public health services.

As an ACE-certified professional, you live on that mission every time you lead a team in the classroom or work as an individual teacher or trainer. Not only that, but it is serving as a bridge from the moment the doctor tells the patient to lose weight by eating better and exercising more, and implementing a personalized behavior plan that allows people to do positive things to improve their health in general. Whatever happens, you are the center of attention, from words to actions.

It also serves as a bridge between ACE and our philosophy as an organization for those it serves. By providing science-based health and wellness science to public groups, you are an important factor in improving public health. Compare your role as ACE government representative to the number of participants and clients you reach each day and expand it to more than 90,000 ACE certification professionals worldwide and you will quickly realize the importance of your voice and your actions in local public health.

Meanwhile, ACE participates in important discussions about the progress of the exercise program and supports key initiatives such as the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, which aims to make 27 million Americans more assets by 2027, and the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Action Plan for Physical Activity, which aims to reduce exercise by 10% by 2025. ACE is also actively involved in the Alliance for Physical Activity (PAA). PAA works with other healthcare providers in the United States to guide development efforts, advocacy, and advocacy for policies and policy changes that help all Americans live healthier lives.

If the past year has taught us anything, it is important to build a connection with the community, even if it comes from a computer screen. People need each other now more than ever. They need support. They need scientific advice. They should be able to afford to travel on their own.

ACE can act as a bridge between law enforcement and law enforcement, but it is up to you, the ACE Certified Professional, to be the bridge between people and who can help people in every city in the world improve your overall health through healthier health. , more active lifestyle.

So get outta there and get people moving! After all, it is a public health issue.