AI is making connected devices the next big thing in healthcare

Giving nurses (and even beginners) the ability to perform cardiac ultrasounds on a limited amount of artificial intelligence (AI) can provide the development of a world of new cases that can save lives, change patient experiences, and create integrated healthcare capabilities.

With heart disease leading to death in the US, Caption Health CEO Steve Cashman said he wanted to know “Why can’t we make 4 million nurses able to use ultrasound … anywhere? Spotlight and session to understand more about the body? “And especially the heart?”

The immediate opportunity is obviously to save lives. But ultrasound-guided AI also allows clinicians to influence patients at appropriate intervals. Nurses work with ultrasounds of the heart than in companies (and other foundations) that build doctors to make money.

It also provides patients with life-saving services by creating an integrated healthcare experience that produces the best results for people and promises new perspectives for all industries.

Cashman said, “They always say a photo should have a thousand words, but when it comes to health, it is.” “Caption is an artificial intelligence software company that gives every doctor the ability to do a little echocardiogram and it will be successful in the future. So one thing we [want to know] is why don’t you have a picture of your heart now? “

He called the ultrasound image acquisition “a magic moment where we know what is going on,” adding that there are only about 74,000 now-trained trained musicians who are “active,” it is unfortunate that [echocardiograms generally] when It has been ‘You had a heart attack and you are in an ambulance and you have to go to the hospital. “

Combined with the shortage of trained artists, the decrease in visits to the doctor since the onset of the disease, as well as a large number of aging, the ideal conditions for this new joint solution.

Of course, it is important only if the results can be trusted. Independent experiments have shown that they can.

According to Cashman, the tests show that a nurse using AI-guided technology “and an artist” get better or better images “90% of the time,” according to Cashman. He adds “the opportunity to get a small refund from someone in …. Newbie minutes. It can have a huge impact on health.”

See the future connected to AI Imaging

By creating software that provides connected devices and similarly turning a newbie into a nurse, Caption AI is a solution that has an application that extends to all aspects of connected healthcare.

Think about why analog cameras and digital cameras, and how that has recaptured images [and] media,” Cashman said. He will find that ultrasound will augment well in all health care. “

Cashman said it was surprising to find cardiologists easier to believe, after seeing AI at work.

“It’s really like putting this in a care setting, or an ambulance, or an emergency room, or a GP setting,” he said.

In August, Caption Health announced its agreement with the Butterfly Network, the developer of a Butterfly iQ full-body ultrasound system in a joint press release. By integrating Caption’s AI-guided ultrasound software, the partners said they feel they have a new solution that can be replicated quickly.

Caption Health said on Tuesday (Nov 9) that it is partnering with the UK based on Ultromics, the manufacturer of the EchoGo ultrasound probe ultrasound system. In a statement, the integration of this platform requires “a high level of research capacity limited to professionals in specialized care settings, as well as [expanding] its reach to physicians and patients in a wide range of settings.”

Caption Health has received a $ 4.9 million grant from the Gates Foundation “to develop AI software products to help guide the diagnosis of pneumonia in children without the need for trained physicians in rich settings.”