Amazon dips its toes into health data manipulation with HealthLake

• Amazon has launched new data collection and processing services for science and health organizations, Big Tech announced on Tuesday.

• The purpose of a qualified HIPAA app called Amazon HealthLake is to make it easier for healthcare organizations to organize, organize, and find data.

• In other Amazon news, the e-commerce giant has expanded its network of employee medical clinics to include four additional locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the company said last week.

Amazon has entered the healthcare industry in recent years and sees great potential for turmoil in the industry. An important part of their strategy is healthcare in the cloud, a multi-billion dollar market, as contractors and service providers add software services as a service to keep up with the numbers. Disease and medication.

Retrieving and summarizing this data into a diagnostic process can be complex, costly, and powerful for the healthcare industry. Here the cloud company AWS is trying to join HealthLake.

HealthLake pulls data from multiple locations, consolidates it into a single data pool, and organizes it into an accelerated and accelerated business system to reduce the time it takes to change data in the cloud from “a week to a minute”. Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president of Amazon Machine follow for AWS, said in a statement.

Provided by service providers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and others, this tool makes it easier for customers to find and manage data such as B. Predicting accurate insurance coverage, diagnosing disease, or assessing the value of a clinical trial.

Several customers have already signed up for the new service, including large EHR Cerner, healthcare provider Ciox Health, life science provider Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, and TI healthcare provider Orion Health.

HealthLake is joining the current AWS brand of HIPAA-enabled services, including medical research services from Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend Medical, a provider of software trials for the software, launched late last year. AWS has been deploying the HIPAA setup application at the speed of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure for the past few years as the cloud sustains the cloud computing market and healthcare systems.

Earlier this month, Google launched a program to help healthcare systems and other healthcare companies better understand their data, organize, collaborate, and use services before the federal government exchanges data over the next year. In May, Microsoft launched a healthcare professional package that integrates the Azure platform with the group’s communications system to help suppliers provide visual assistance, engagement and patience, and application support.

Seattle-based Amazon has made significant strides in healthcare this year behind the cloud. In July, the company announced that it would work with the Crossover Health Network to build a network of primary health clinics for its employees and their families.

After a successful pilot in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Amazon is adding four new companies to serve more than 20,000 employees in the area, the company announced earlier this month.