Anthem’s digital addition to supporting Sharecare continues its $ 3.9 billion business

• Sharecare, a digital energy company, is publicly traded through joint ventures including an energy fund from leading insurer Anthem. Transactions start at $ 3.9 billion.

• In a deal slated to close in the second quarter, Sharecare will partner with Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp. enter to create a new public company. The company will raise around $ 400 for Sharecare, which will expand its customers with new product systems and initiate future mergers and acquisitions.

• Anthem is committed to investing at least $ 25 million in share care and other securities. This emerges from a lawsuit filed by the SEC on Tuesday.

As drug use increased during COVID-19, payers added their own businesses to reset, redo, and reverse engineer the engineering.

Anthem, based on Anthem, has pledged to invest $ 25 million in share care before the deal ends but could increase its original investment to $ 50 if the two decide before March.

Anthem received a 25% stake in, a medical intelligence startup, and Sharecare signed a deal to acquire it for $ 175 million in late January.

Petcare, based in Petcare, was founded in 2010 by WebMD Jeff Arnold and healthcare provider Mehmet Oz and aims to help consumers manage their healthcare products on the same platform.

Since launching its platform in 2012, the company has grown to include 64,000 customer service providers serving more than 7 million eligible individuals and 6,000 healthcare customers.

Sharecare had revenue of $ 330 million last year, of which up to $ 396 in 2021 and $ 629 in 2023, based on investments in the company.

Sharecare expects the cash flow entering the human market to provide an advantage in a competitive treatment room. The state of the digital marketing market poses a major threat to share the care. The direction and prospects for fast-moving companies with major technological changes and changes and a small window to capture market share need to be considered.

Falcon, led by former US financial security brother Steven Mnuchin, signed a letter of intent with a letter to Sharecare in November. However, the company has been up and running since October. In summary, Falcon will own around 20% of the start-up, including local and private investors (PIPE), including the strategic platform Koch and the Baron Capital Group.

The company has a total of $ 345 million in Falcon financing, $ 435 million in PIPE financing, and $ 10 per share in Anthem financing.

The market corresponds to 9.5 times the share forecast for 2021.

Many healthcare companies looking to go public with the health technology COVID-19 have done new research in the past few months. The PSPC alliance is gaining popularity among its founders and investors who seek greater capital acceptance and continued control over their business.

In the past few months, several health care professionals have used this approach, including SOC Telemed, Hims & Hers, Clover Health, Butterfly Network, Talkspace, and 23andMe.

The guide will appear on the Nasdaq under the title “SHCR”. Arnold will be the managing director.