Biden calls for improving the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure

The new reminder sets the rules for Cybersecurity Program Management and guides federal agencies to develop cybersecurity performance goals for the infrastructure.

The National Security and Improvement Cybersecurity Memorandum for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems directs federal employees to develop cybersecurity performance tools for infrastructure and establish a Cybersecurity Operational Control System.

“Protecting our community infrastructure is the responsibility of the federal, state, local, ethnic and rural communities and their owners and employees of the facility,” Biden wrote in the letter.


Biden’s reminders come amid a series of calls from security industry experts about the rise in cyber threats in the United States, including health care planners.

The purpose of the ICS, which the registry agrees to be, is a voluntary and collaborative effort between the federal government and local infrastructure teams to support the adoption of cybersecurity technologies.

The initiative was launched in mid-April by a power sector-focused promoter, which has incorporated or agreed to more than 150 power plants using safety management technology.

Plans for the ongoing gas pipeline and plans for other areas, including water and wastewater, will follow this year.

“We can’t fix threats that we can’t see. Therefore, implementing systems and technologies that can monitor control systems for malicious activity and support responses to cyber threats is key to ensuring the security of these systems. Music” wrote Biden in the note.

The document also instructed security and cybersecurity equipment companies and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop cybersecurity performance goals for critical equipment, in partnership with other companies.

When the call was made about the monument, a senior government official said the department’s coordination work, specifically at the local level on cybersecurity, was not enough to combat the threat.

They said Congress can work on developing systems, a requirement for infrastructure security.

Biden’s comments did not specifically mention the healthcare sector, but a government official suggested that the government could upgrade hospitals, schools, and other equipment providers to improve their safety and prevent illness.


The Biden administration has taken a tough stance on cybersecurity for the past half-year, and the president asked for billions of dollars in his June budget to protect public infrastructure.

Congress has also moved in this direction. The U.S. House of Representatives passed several new cybersecurity bills this month, including an agreement that would authorize a new $ 500 program to give state, local, racial, and regional governments access to their dedicated funds for access your networks through ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

The local and regional security committee is crucial to ensuring that our state and local governments do not give in to cyberattacks, and I am pleased that the House has come together to make this a very important law. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., in a statement.