Common Spirit to link physical, behavioral health with Concert deal: HLTH 2020

• Nonprofit Common Spirit Health System will offer behavioral health as part of primary care through a partnership with virtual care provider Concert Health, Lloyd Dean, the Chicago-based organization CEO, announced Wednesday at the HLTH conference.

• Dean also launched an expanded partnership between Common Spirit, America’s best-selling nonprofit health care system, and Docent Health, a telemedicine navigation software company, to expand the reach of its navigation services to more American patients.

• Partnerships aim to expand access to healthcare, especially in disadvantaged communities, even as racial differences and uneven patient outcomes severely decline during the coronavirus pandemic. “That moment in history tells me we’re at a tipping point,” Dean said.

The partnership between Common Spirit Physicians and Concert Health Behavioral Healthcare Professionals in San Diego will expand Common Spirit’s primary care with depression and anxiety screenings, evidence-based psychotherapy interventions, and weekly psychiatric visits to support Common’s primary care provider. Spirit. mentioned.

Additionally, primary care providers in the system can refer a patient to a behavioral health professional for support in less than two days, rather than an external referral, and develop a common plan of care for each patient, including those whom they receive Medicare and Medicaid.

Reports of depression and anxiety have increased dramatically in recent months as the pandemic continues in the United States.

“When you think about what people, especially people of color, but also communities in general, are going through, with the stress of being in this environment, the stress of being at home, and the stress of not knowing what’s going on, The community will make this happen is an important partnership for us, ”said Dean.

The model was originally launched in Bakersfield, California. However, according to a press release, it is expected to reach additional confidence positions in central California during the remainder of the year and move to other markets in 2021.

Many large systems, including Common Spirit, have invested more in basic preventive care this year. In June, it announced its partnership with direct primary care provider Paladina Health to offer direct and employer-based primary care throughout its area.

The partnership with Docent, also announced Wednesday, builds on a four-year relationship aimed at improving health outcomes for patients in maternity and orthopedics, Common Spirit said. Docent uses artificial intelligence to connect patients to local and community resources, educational programs, and care readiness.

Common Spirit plans to expand Docent Health’s navigation services and technology to more than 60 of its host locations in 11 states after positive study results showed the Docent program was reduced by 37 Medicaid and 30% of Preterm birth rates caused orthopedic readmission rates in the mother. Daily patients will decrease by 71% depending on the system.

Common Spirit was founded last February by the merger of nonprofit operators Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives. The system of 137 hospitals and 1,000 nursing homes in 21 states was in the red for its first fiscal year in financial results released in October, posting a loss of $ 524 million due to COVID-19 headwinds such as B. Stagnant hospitalizations that underperformed investments and rising costs for unpaid care.