DeepIntent Launches Audience Marketplace

DeepIntent, a privately held healthcare technology company created to influence patient health and business outcomes, today announced the launch of Audience Marketing to provide clients with a system around data from different domains that listen for big changes to organize and launch campaigns.

With no cookies by design, Audience Marketplace is the first and only well-defined data warehouse with a dedicated audience and a well-organized audience of major digital medical data providers and printers are less common. Suppliers can access unique and innovative audience segments ranging from pharmaceutical claims to different hospitals, laboratories, genomic conditions, situational, and supplier relationship data.

This new feature will help customers launch their campaigns faster than when using other onboarding platforms, with lower reach and cookie rates thanks to leading graphics company DeepIntent, and will provide daily PLD complaints about HCP listeners.

For publishers and data providers, Audience Business offers an exciting new way to get their original data revenue. Providers can authorize and manage the use of their data by setting rates, specifications, and availability for the top eight drug types in the top 10, as well as all companies that keep digital healthcare campaigns available. Great quality within the DeepIntent platform.

“The rise of digital healthcare companies creates a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to access the critical healthcare data environment to improve the importance and impact of their information. By listening to leading data center companies, customers can make immediate action by the patient and clients can have healthcare professionals work directly with them.Commerce people. We also expect audience volume to continue to grow through our data-agnostic systems. “

Chris Paquette, CEO of DeepIntent

Initially, the Audience Market will include hundreds of HIPAA and NAI accepting patients and special HCPs from providers and publishers of digital health data, including MJH Life Sciences, HealthLink Dimensions, Fluent, Doc Delta, and ShareThis.

“We work closely with our media partners to organize cultural audiences and campaigns to get their messages to the right patients and service providers at the right time through the press. Our DeepIntent platform, using our new DeepIntent system, will help our advertisers implement the same reliable system and quality data to expand their reach through other channels that ensure their message is heard,” said Brett Melillo, senior vice president of marketing at MJH. Life Sciences. “We are excited to partner with DeepIntent to provide greater choice and flexibility for healthcare clients, especially when working across platforms.”

“Our clients, even in direct healthcare, vary based on their needs. Working with a partner whose offering is flexible and allows us to find new solutions to their core problems,” said Sean Muzzy, Matterkind president for North America. . .

About DeepIntent

Founded by data scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering, DeepIntent connects healthcare providers with patients and service providers on any device through unique data, media interactions, and collaboration. From media planning to audience engagement, sizing, and optimization, DeepIntent has been proven to maximize audience engagement and writing performance by improving patients’ lives. Its healthcare marketing platform provides energy retailers with eight of the top ten pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading healthcare media companies, to launch high-quality, health-impacting digital healthcare campaigns business results.