Doctor on Demand, Grand Rounds merge to create multibillion-dollar digital health company

• Real Care Company Needs Doctor and Sailors Clinic Grand Round has announced plans to merge to build a billion-dollar healthcare business.

• The goal of integrating the two capital-intensive companies, which will continue to operate under their existing brands at this point, is to integrate medical care, behavioral care, and patient advocacy to better coordinate patient care. The United States. System.

• Financial terms of the transaction, which is expected to close in the first half of this year, were not disclosed, but it is a plan for all non-shares of foreign investors, said Porte, a business address in the diving industry  sanitary.

The rise in digital health caused by the coronavirus outbreak has sparked a wave of high-profile contracts and the largest access to digital health in the United States: $ 18, $ 5,000 million in purchases, and Teladoc Health Care. Livongo’s resilient business services. This general service reconciliation comes at a time when many growing companies are rushing to promote the latest releases, make them more attractive to paying customers and employers and help them gain significant market share.

In the tenth main round, the company will sell a clinical navigation platform and patient advocacy tools to support its employees through a complex and integrated healthcare system, while the nine-year-old Needs Physician is a major supplier in the United States.

The coalition aims to improve the problem of unregulated care while accelerating the use of telemedicine in previous niche areas such as primary care, special care, behavioral health, and chronic disease management.

The Great Circle and the Needs Physician began discussing possible deals in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak as both companies saw increased demand for their releases. COVID-19 radically changed the way healthcare is delivered as consumers sought secure digital access for doctors, creating a positive atmosphere for digital healthcare companies and investor interests that had never been satisfied in the region.

Fair financing for digital health has hit a record $ 26.5 billion by 2020, and mental health and health services for women are seeing rapid growth in the interest of women and men, according to CB Insights.

The two companies announced strong funding circles in the middle of last year, providing the Grand Round and Doctor of Demand with corporate invoices of $ 1.34 billion and $ 821 million, respectively, depending on the primary market. – SharesPost investment. Demand Doctor says his current estimate is $ 875 million.

The consortium will operate in a position that will continue to compete with major market giants such as Teladoc, which had a market capitalization of $ 31.3 billion, and Amwell, which went public last September and had a market capitalization of $ 31.3 billion. The market of 5.1 billion dollars.

Grand Round CEO Owen Tripp will serve as CEO of the joint venture, while current Needs Doctor CEO Hill Ferguson will continue to lead the Needs Doctor business as the two companies grow. He joins the board of directors of the company concerned.