Etao International Group Announces Acquisition of Dnurse, a Provider of technology-powered Diabetes Management Solutions

ETAO International Group (“ETAO”) announces the acquisition of Dnurse, a leading provider of digital diabetes care services. This new technology can improve outcomes for patients with diabetes and can be used in the treatment of all chronic diseases. Diabetes mellitus is increasing worldwide and is also a major public health problem. In particular, diabetes poses a major public health challenge in China. According to the WHO, around 345 million people have some type of diabetes in China.

Dnurse provides patients with self-care technology that improves compliance that requires critical treatment, thereby improving patient outcomes. This new diabetes treatment combines first-person services with digital technology to end traditional diabetes care.

Dr. Lee Winter, President of Etro International Group, has more than 35 years of healthcare experience as a former anesthesiologist and marketing director in the Department of Anesthesiology at Maimonides Medical Center, as well as a former president of the New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital.

“Cheap, high-performance and easy-to-use self-medication for diabetes is an expensive and potentially profitable treatment for diabetes. Digital content increases customer acceptance, reducing the risk of diabetes and improving the patient’s condition. This cost- An effective way to prevent chronic disease can help patients manage any type of chronic disease. “

Leading this new solution is Dnurse Co-Founder and Director Jason Li. He has more than 14 years of experience in the technology industry, including his work as CEO of Infosonics China, Vice President of Techfaith Group, and Development Engineer for Motorola. We are working with ETAO International Group to create a relationship that will enhance presence in larger markets, create coherent and better -Class solutions.

Based on its smart glucose meter, Dnurse has successfully developed a new business model: Tools + Applications + Services. Dnurse also relies on its robust artificial intelligence decision-making system, IDSS (Intelligent Delivery Support System), to improve weightless, flexible, and personalized diabetes management for patients. With the Dnurse app, the blood sugar meter can transmit information to a patient’s smartphone. The mobile application allows tests, databases, personal comments, sharing, personalized memories, and instructions, available to the patient throughout the day and anywhere. Dnurse’s smart diabetes care product provides 1.6 million diabetic patients.

About Etao International Group

Etro International Group (“Etro”), a Cayman Islands company, seeks to be the world’s leading digital healthcare provider by providing telemedicine, hospital care, primary care, pharmacy, and health insurance that covers all life processes of patient’s patients. The symbol “Etro” means “The best health method” with flexible medical care and unmatched service. Etro offers the best online health services, such as human intelligence and big data technology, to promote healthcare delivery and excellence in specialty hospitals and hospital settings. Etro’s platform is seamlessly integrated due to its ability to integrate technology and health sciences. Etro’s US subsidiary was launched in December 2017 in Delaware, USA, as well as it is subsidiary with Fangzhou Yidao (Beijing) Health Technology Co., Ltd. (“Etro China”), founded in Beijing in July 2019.

About Dnurse

Dnurse was founded in Beijing China in July 2013 and is China’s new mobile healthcare company whose mission is to renew traditional diabetes management. The nurse offers a personal and professional diabetes care plan. Its IoT & AI technology increases diabetic admission and attracts 1.6 million diabetics. His closest practice is a diabetes hospital, offering online referrals, online prescriptions, and prescription services. Low cost and efficiency help diabetics control themselves and improve patient admissions.