Exercise promotion during and after: implementation of the Move Your Way campaign with a focus on maternal health

Over the years and beyond, many new parents focus on their child’s health and wellness. Exercise during pregnancy and after pregnancy has many long-term health benefits, from improving sleep to reducing the risk of pregnancy complications, postpartum depression, and other health conditions. Unfortunately, the data shows that less than 25% of people follow the advice of the Health Working Guide during Abortion. The intent of the grandmother carrying you will change this figure.

ODPHP’s partnership with Move Your Way in exemplary communities such as Sioux City is crucial to keeping women’s bodies healthy during and after pregnancy. Together, we find a creative and effective way to reach this important figure. We can share these plans, as well as Move Your Way resources, as well as communities across the United States, says Dorothy Fink, MD, assistant secretary for Women’s Health and Director of OWH.

The ODPHP study found that for pregnant and lactating women, fatigue or stress and having too much work are the main barriers to pregnancy. Participants in the group all stressed the uniqueness of each pregnancy and the baby’s experience, saying that they chose the exercise message reflecting this difference. Demonstrating these interests, your ‘Move Your Way’ campaign promotes the benefits of exercise, emphasizes the role that works for people in their schedule, and also provides strategies to overcome barriers to prevention. Exercise.

Sioux City’s Maternal Health-Focused Move Your Way Events 

SDHD is dedicated to providing more exercise for residents of Sioux City, Iowa. After delivering the ODPHP driver of Your Advertising Campaign in 2020, SDHD changed its campaign strategy to one of the most important: people during and after completion. To launch this focused campaign, SDHD had an online “shower” where team members shared information about the exercise with the attendees, showed a specific program, and took a nurse to answer questions and answers.

Building quickly in the month of March, SDHD teamed up with a health care company to provide free memberships to an online fitness club that demonstrated a good class for starting work during and after graduation. Earlier this month, visitors to Sioux City’s Healthy Kids Day can join the Move Your Way Stroller 5K. Whether walking, jogging, or scrolling, participants follow the workout routine with unsolicited questions sent on a 3.1-mile journey – and enter their response for a chance to win a prize that supports a lifestyle at work. The SDHD plan for summer and fall features other activities to promote Your Fitness, including yoga and aerobics classes and family activities.

Work with local health care providers to spread the word

Research for social media marketing has shown that health professionals are a reliable source of exercise and health information, especially for people during and after pregnancy. Recognizing this, SDHD members have donated 2,000 bags of Move Your Way – each including your Move Your Way leaflet, as well as a water bottle, onesie, and exercise with the Move Your Way logo – to health care providers and women’s health care facilities. Doctors, nurses, midwives, and other health care providers will provide bags for new parents to the greater Sioux land area. Health professionals will encourage their patients to be active during and after pregnancy and provide support and information along the way.

“These new relationships are critical to SDHD’s ability to reach our residents,” says Michelle Lewis, Director of Health and Planning at SDHD. “The sheer enthusiasm of the healthcare professionals will allow us to reach out to more pregnant women and midwives in Sioux City.”

ODPHP will support Sioux City throughout the campaign. One of the ways ODPHP can strengthen the information on exercise during and after pregnancy is safe and effective is through ongoing social media and traditional media. ODPHP video ads will be played in doctors’ offices and nursing homes throughout Sioux City. These efforts will allow parents and guardians to see and hear the Move Your Way message many times and in many places, a strategy that has proven to be effective during the test campaign of your approach.