Healthcare Triangle Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate Cloud Transformation for Healthcare and Life Sciences Organizations

Health Triangle Inc., a leading provider of cloud and data exchange systems in healthcare and life sciences, is pleased to announce that it has passed Google Cloud Premier Partner status. This advancement to the “Premier” level is based on their success in designing, transporting, and managing Google Cloud solutions for the health and science industry and in building a large data analysis system and infrastructure of the critical cloud.

Through the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, Triangle Health solves the challenging challenges of healthcare and medical teams with new solutions in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, security, compliance, blockchain, cloud DevOps, and core products, among others clouds. With the launch of Premier Partner, Triangle Healthcare continues to import limited and secure software to Google Cloud to improve customer performance.

Triangle Health uses Google Cloud to help companies create and design profitable cloud solutions. The announcement highlights a proven track record of offering unique customer service and extensive expertise around the Google Cloud certification expertise.

By leveraging healthcare offerings from Triangle and Google Play Market, Triangle Healthcare provides a cost-effective and cost-effective way for healthcare teams and scientific teams to provide their data systems with state-of-the-art AI / ML advanced data and fast equipment. At the same time, Triangle Health can also offer its clients added revenue, launch new AI data and responses on the Google Cloud Marketplace, engage with clients, and advise clients on how to make use of Google Cloud technology in the process of marketing. Google cloud. Shortly, Triangle Health plans to expand its presence on Google Cloud.

“Appointing a Google Cloud Premier Partner reflects Triangle Healthcare’s commitment to an important new partnership that enables us to provide information and answers in the cloud that deliver meaningful results for our customers. As a Premier Partner, we strive to help our customers understand the value of Google Cloud and provide robust configurations that include cloud, cloud, and hybrid environments, as well as DevOps automation, intelligent analytics, and artificial intelligence, the health of business solutions, equipment, and application enhancements. “

Suresh Venkatachari, President of Triangle Health

“As a leading IT healthcare provider helping clients deliver digital transformation, we are delighted to be working with Google Cloud as one of their primary partners. Triangle Health now speaks on behalf of a wide range of healthcare systems, including personal healthcare, as well as application design and development using cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence solutions, and IT healthcare service offerings,” said Lena Kannappan, director of partnerships and Triangle Health Board Member, said. Inc. “As an integral part of achieving healthcare and digital change goals, Triangle Healthcare and Google Cloud are working on customer readiness programs as well as building a healthcare API.”

About Healthcare Triangle, Inc. (HTI)

Triangle Health, Inc., based in Pleasanton, California, supports advancements in healthcare through cutting-edge technology and knowledge and extensive industry experience. We support health groups, including hospitals and health systems, as well as health planning, as well as pharmaceutical and scientific groups, in their efforts to improve health outcomes. Triangle Healthcare helps deliver the latest technology, data growth, business capabilities, and response to immediate business needs and competitive threats. Healthcare services and science businesses rely heavily on the Health Triangle for technology and digital transformation that includes cloud, security, and adoption, lifecycle management, healthcare relationships, as well as performance and Business development.