How to Engage New Health Tech Customers Online

It is not easy to involve decision-makers in hospitals, insurers, healthcare, and the private sector. These top executives, managers, and administrators are busier than ever. This hampers the healthcare technology market. Along with huge professional duties, these medical professionals have also become increasingly active in advertising, emails, and phone calls. And, instead of texting them all the time, it’s important to help their future when they’re free from their daily worries and have time.

Inbound Marketing, a new type of marketing, introduces various quality healthcare marketing methods, aids, or tricks. These health technology marketing techniques or methods are helpful in all three stages of your health technology journey.

Precautionary Measures: This is when they don’t realize they have a problem, but you let them know they have a problem.

Groupthink: At this point, they realize they have a problem and consider finding an answer for themselves or their competitor.

Selection of the situation: This is the last stage in which a selection is expected.

Here are some effective marketing techniques to join the new emerging healthcare technology marketing prospects in these stages.

Offer entertaining and informative blog content

Content of the king. Roper Public Affairs, in its research report, finds that around 80% of B2B decision-makers prefer to collect information from articles and blogs rather than advertisements. According to research by HubSpot, companies that blog typically get 4.5 times as many leads. Reach out to your healthcare technicians and subject matter experts who can discuss your interests and issues you are facing.

However, it is a mistake to focus only on the benefits, looks, or strengths of your technology business on your blog. You can trust your prospects that you are right when it comes to their money. One of the best ways that tech marketing techniques can shape your future online is by providing answers to the challenges you face.

Encourage social media comments and blog comments

Delivering quality, customer-centric health technology marketing content is just the start. You can ask your audience for feedback. Asking questions at the end of health tech blogs and social media posts is a great way to get an audience’s reaction. It’s nice to thank you for responding when you leave a comment. Also, give them a full answer.

This will help you build your credibility and retain your customers. Sometimes you may receive spam comments, which are unrelated to your post. Delete them so that all comments are relevant to the post. This health technology marketing technique will keep your potential customers engaged with what you post online.

Host Google Hangouts or Webinars

People like to be visually involved. Therefore, webinars or Google Hangouts are powerful tools that enable real-time interaction with your customers. It helps you make a personal connection with your prospects via video or audio. Various visuals including slides, graphics, and live video make it easy for you to share your content with clients.

Being an interactive health technology marketing technique, at the end of the webinar sessions or the Google hangout, you can have a question and answer session to clarify customer questions. Compared to just writing articles and blog posts, this as a two-way dialogue will go a long way in building a strong relationship with your customers.

Create a group or community

One of the best health technology marketing techniques to attract new customers is to participate in online forums and communities. Your buyers can be automatically added to your exclusive member group, and then those members can mingle with each other and discuss health technology.

These forums can be used to share content that is not accessible to the public. For members, you can also offer various discounts and special prices. Your customers, being part of such a group, will feel special and increase the chances of repeat purchases.

Create together with existing customers

If you are thinking of writing an e-book, improving your website, or launching a new product, you can connect with your existing customers by getting suggestions from them. To maintain loyalty, it is very effective, depending on the situation, to involve customers in the most important decision-making processes. You will be proud to have participated at the end of the process.

With this health technology marketing technique, you can even run a contest to choose an idea from your clients for your next project and give prizes for the one they choose. Rewards can be a special mention on your website, a discount, or a gift.

Monitor social media

Social media is the best place to include your customers in conversations about your products and your industry. Choosing a trending topic in your industry can be a breeze to chat about on your social media platforms. Keeping up with trending topics in your industry will always give you a glimpse of your next blog and social media post.

You can also participate in conversations by sharing, liking, and replying. It will make you an authority and customers will be comfortable with your credibility. With social media monitoring as a marketing technique for health technology, you can win the trust of your customers and gradually but successfully build your brand.


The key to generating more qualified leads and increasing brand awareness is to acquire new leads using new and innovative healthcare marketing techniques. This makes the work of your sales team easier. You can convert these leads into customers. The healthcare technology marketing techniques listed above to interact with your prospects can be effectively used with your well-designed inbound marketing strategy.