Medigate Collaborates with Rapid7 to Protect Healthcare IoT Devices

Medigate, health-focused security, and asset management company, has teamed up with Rapid7. Both companies are committed to ensuring health in real-time. The joint approach will provide healthcare organizations (HDOs) with unprecedented knowledge on vulnerability management and enable them to develop best practices.

Every day, healthcare facilities operate in clinical networks that deliver a combination of traditional IoT and connected medical devices from multiple locations. This makes it very difficult to gain full visibility of the environment and make informed decisions about how to manage these critical assets. As part of this collaboration, the Medigate IoT security platform will be integrated into the Rapid7 InsightVM and Nexpose vulnerability management systems so that HDOs, clinics, and other HIPAA-covered units can securely control connected assets.

“Healthcare organizations often have a greater risk than cybersecurity because of their high-quality data and various IT systems,” said David Beaver, director of strategic partnerships and alliances at Rapid7. “As the IT and IoMT world evolves, we need to focus on investing in cybersecurity to protect patients and data. We are excited to work with Medigate to provide security and protection through visibility, combining assessment and governance.”

You save money on the number of IPs Rapid7 has to scan by providing Medigate exclusions from IoT scanning and providing accurate vulnerability data on the Medigate side with servers and computers embedded in your medical devices. It’s about having the tools to invest in collaboration to deliver better data and operate more efficiently. “

The benefits of the interconnected solution of Medigate and Rapid7 derive from a two-way data integration scheme that provides fully coordinated and constantly updated information for all systems and increases the security of health and resource management ecosystems. Ultimately, collaboration enables key areas such as interoperability, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and patient safety improvement.

“When healthcare organizations embrace new digital innovations and advances such as medicine, they must unite safety standards and systems to protect this technology and protect themselves from potential hazards. Will happen in the clinic,” said Jonathan Langer, Head of Medigate.  It is important that they have the tools to protect themselves and take the necessary measures. By combining the power of Rapid7’s robust cybersecurity with Medigate’s knowledge and clinical information, we not only enable better device management but also take proactive steps to achieve true security at all levels of the hospital. “

Information on Medicare

Medigate is the first and only exclusive platform for security and asset management that enables providers to offer securely tied encouragement. Meditate combines the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats with knowledge and understanding of medical workflows and identity and system protocols. Medicare hospital networks can be used to efficiently manage all medical devices on your network. This allows patients to receive new and updated devices while maintaining patient privacy and safety.

About Rapid 7

Rapid7 increases security through transparency, analytics, and automation through Insight Cloud. The solution eases complexity and allows security teams to work more efficiently with IT and development to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor malicious behavior, monitor and prevent attacks, and perform routine tasks. . More than 9,700 customers rely on Rapid7’s technology, services, and research to improve security products and strengthen their security organizations.