Move-in May and celebrate National Sports and Fitness Month

During the month of May, National Sports and Fitness Month provides the opportunity to schedule and promote exercise and the benefits of athletics.

Exercise is key to maintaining good health and well-being. Active exercise can improve health and reduce stress, reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Youth sports can help children and youth work and develop leadership, time management, and relationship skills.

To help your community get started, spread the word about National Fitness and Sports Month and distribute ODPHP physical activities. We will have new blogs every month. Sign up for email updates when we release the latest exercise news.

New and updated information, videos, and more to promote sports and youth sports.

• Share new stickers and fact sheets to raise awareness of the National Sports Strategy and help parents learn about the benefits of youth sports. Parents can also use this interactive diagram to include the gym and their children’s day. Just 5 minutes of exercise is really good for your health!

• Use our new videos to keep teens moving. But teens are very active and create their own videos of why they want to move and exercise 60 minutes every day. Encourage kids to share their videos on social media at # GetYour60.

• Share our interactive content that lets adults find ways to travel this week. We have created a new plan for the publisher to use something new, such as a print plan that people can post on their refrigerator to motivate themselves. You can also share our parenting and adult support videos and pregnancy and newborn videos to encourage them to find ways to work!

Information from social networks of the National Month of Physical Activity and Sports

Don’t have time to develop your own ad for National Fitness and Sports Month? We have found you. Help your audience find new ways to get around by distributing these social media ads for all ages.

Associate your information with the graphics at the bottom of the page. The information linked to the video will take a sample, no visualization is needed.