Oneview Healthcare Introduces Industry’s First Cloud-Based Healthcare Experience Platform

International healthcare provider Oneview Healthcare today announced the launch of CXP Cloud Enterprise to improve the patient Healthcare experience. Delivered on Microsoft Azure and Samsung tablets, this cloud-based platform supports healthcare systems by rapidly integrating patient education technologies, reducing the non-medical requirements of care teams, and improving medical and organizational efficiency.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, treatment groups came under tremendous pressure and staff and patients did not have access to family and friends. With CXP Cloud Enterprise, patients and their families can remotely connect to health groups and access health information and reports. The vision enables treatment groups to provide patients with secure access to a variety of information related to the process, leading to collaboration, greater satisfaction, and better quality outcomes.

 “NYU Langone Health is committed to providing our patients with the best possible medical experience, including primary care,” said Nadu Mherabi, vice president and chief information officer of Langone Health at NYU. “COVID-19 KEY STORIES and is forcing more hospitals to think about how to upgrade patient care. A vision has helped us build a patient care network that was and will continue to be important to new patients during the outbreak to win. “”

In 2017, NYU Langone Health began using the Oneview patient device. Given the complexity of the COVID-19 outbreak in spring 2020, NYU Langone encouraged Oneview to accelerate the collaboration platform in their area. The organizations worked together to develop the first cloud-based version that enabled NYU Langone to deliver maximum capacity for 400 beds in just a few weeks. Launched today, CXP Cloud Enterprise offers all of the functionality and capabilities of an integration experience management tool in a simple, clean, and accessible cloud design.

Warn cloudy Enterprise provides patient education, arrangements for lunch, office patient requests, services and digital applications, virtual rounding visited, and translation services, and offer full connectivity cloud delivery is stable and reliable. This improves both the patient and the doctor robust interface control, and quality of treatment.

The main features of the Enterprise cp clouds are as follows:

• Telemedicine advice provided by team members outpatient treatment in bed.

• rounding questionnaires and digital worklist.

• medical screening for helping patients to better understand the health care purposes.

• nurses reduce that human birth by using service call buttons for automated calls.

• manual teaching hospital patients in a manner adapted to the necessities.

• Breakfast is ready to be tailored to the nutritional needs.

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• Easy connectivity to existing systems through a stable platform supporting one of the most popular applications.

“The need to create and deliver business solutions faster has never been greater,” said Niall McDonagh, chief health officer at Microsoft. “In healthcare organizations can further develop the fully automated, dynamic, flexible, integrative and diverse patient experience.”

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