Sam’s Club, 98point6 to sell telehealth slightly cheaper than DTC customer products

• Sam’s Club, Walmart’s warehouse, is partnering with 98med6 telemedicine application provider to sell Sam’s Club customer subscriptions after a successful one-year program.

• The price for a quarterly subscription starts at $ 20 for the first three months, compared to the regular price of $ 30 at 98point6. The subscription includes $ 1 virtual tours, plus the ability to notify doctors via SMS, order prescriptions and labs from a smartphone. After the first three months, members paid $ 33.50 every three months. The annual fee of 98 points in 6 points is $ 120, so membership in Sam’s Club is a little more expensive for a full year. The following year, without the starting contract, the price for Sam’s Club will be an additional $ 14.

• Sam’s Club said their membership was more expensive as quarterly passes could be purchased instead of annual passes. In addition, Sam’s Club members also have access to pediatric care that is not available with the 98point6 Director-Consumer option.

Selling telemedicine plans was something Sam’s Club had in mind before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has accelerated implementation plans, according to John McDowell, vice president of Business and Pharmaceutical Operations.

All 600 member stores in the US have decided to invest more in virtual attention following the success of the 98point6 pilot that started last September. The pilot, also in partnership with Humana, offers its members four health packages that range from $ 50 to $ 240 per year, depending on the services offered.

The program is still active in the three states in which it was launched: North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Sam’s Club chose 98point6 in Seattle over other providers because they valued membership options and the ability for members to text their doctor, a spokesman said. In $ 1 worth of video tours, doctors can diagnose and treat around 400 common illnesses, including seasonal flu and allergies, as well as monitor chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and behavioral disorders such as heart disease, depression, and anxiety.

Like other providers, the 98point6 has skyrocketed for five years within COVID-19. The app-based company, which sells subscriptions directly to consumers and employers and makes plans to its members, signed key contracts with Boeing, Chipotle, convenience store chain Circle K, and childcare company KinderCare in April to benefit its 500,000 employees to cover.

98point6 quadrupled its medical staff to meet growing consumer demand in the same month after raising $ 43 million in venture capital. The round brought total funding of around $ 130 million.

Walmart, the parent company of Sam’s Club, has implemented a number of programs to reduce healthcare costs for the millions of workers and their families in the United States related to their medical services.

The Arkansas-based retail giant launched a program last year to move workers to cheaper, better quality doctors and has a virtual assistance program in Colorado, Minnesota, and the United States. Wisconsin includes health care, chronic care, emergency care, and behavioral health. Affiliated with telemedicine provider Doctor on Demand and health tech players Grand Rounds and Healthscope Benefits, this program includes video medical exams for $ 4.

In a broader sense, Walmart also sells health insurance policies directly to consumers and is beginning a nationwide expansion of its large health care businesses, which are currently located in two states.