Uber Health expands prescription delivery to 37 states with ScriptDrop deal

  • Uber Health has partnered with an agreement to launch an e-recipe for ScriptDrop to spread the giant’s recipe from a few cities to dozens of US states.
  • Uber began its first drug delivery session in August through a deal with the digital delivery market NimbleRx that caused the pandemic to increase patient demand.
  • With this latest agreement, hundreds of thousands of Uber drivers can access pharmacies using ScriptDrop in 37 US states ScriptDrop, a third-party technology platform that connects patients and pharmacists with couriers around the world, will pay Uber the cost of each delivery.

The main motivation in the healthcare industry is non-emergency medical behavior. Since its launch in space three years ago, Uber has brought together about 1,500 partners, including major health systems and payers.

However, the San Francisco-based company also expects a busy but lucrative market for the delivery of lucrative prescription drugs at home after it suffered losses last year when a coronavirus pandemic hit drug shipping companies.

The growth in Uber’s delivery business was better than the drop in some travel during COVID-19. In the fourth quarter results issued in February, Uber’s gross bookings in the mobility sector fell 50% year-over-year, while gross bookings in the delivery segment rose 130%.

This latest measure suggests that Uber is doubling delivery, arguing that demand for home medicine delivery will remain high above COVID-19.

ScriptDrop integrates with a pharmaceutical software system to provide same-day drug delivery options and also has a drug delivery portal for consumers. To date, Uber has been integrated into ScriptDrop via an app registration interface and will be the standard choice for selected pharmacies, depending on the location and availability of drivers.

ScriptDrop does not share the exact number of U.S. pharmacies using their platform, but a spokesman for Healthcare Dive said they work with thousands. ScriptDrop customers include major pharmacies such as Albertsons, Kmart, and Safeway. Pharmaceutical systems such as PDX and a range of messaging substances, health systems, and insurers.

The association is currently active in 37 states, including California, Florida, New York, and Texas. Uber and ScriptDrop have additional plans for short-term expansion, in some cases in new states in the coming fortnight, the spokesman said.

Uber, in partnership with NimbleRx, initially launched the delivery to prescription consumers in various cities across the United States through the Uber Eats app. According to Uber, the project has grown from a pilot in Seattle and Dallas to cities like New York, Miami, Austin, and Houston with more metropolitan areas along the way.

Companies supplying prescription drugs reported that consumption skyrocketed during COVID-19. ScriptDrop, based in Columbus, Ohio, announced that launch volume increased 363% from February to April last year, with sales tripling between October 2019 and October 2020. $ 15 million in October to fuel growth and total funding since the launch of $ 27 million in 2017.

Partly due to the favorable winds of COVID-19, the prescription technology sector, including e-prescription providers such as NimbleRx and ScriptDrop, is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 16%, the fastest world. The health parts, and corporate fitness, according to a field book report from February.

Despite consumer demand for home-delivered recipes, it is a crowded market. Most major pharmacies, including CVS Health and Walgreens, have been accelerating to set up their delivery networks in recent years and are facing potential outages from external providers, particularly Amazon.

However, there is plenty of room for competition: the U.S.Expenditure on healthcare in the prescription drug market in 2018 was $ 335 billion, with about 3.8 billion prescriptions written each year.