Why having to start over – AGAIN – is great

I got an email a few months ago from an NF reader that made me smile:

“I go back to where I started. I realized that the only change I had made was drinking a lot of water.

Have you ever started to play a game and spent a few hours saying “man, I wish I knew these controls/tips from the beginning”? Then restart and the game is easy from then on. Begin to find the things you did not throw away.

I am resuming my journey now and I have a better idea of management.

This applies to me because when I first played EverQuest (similar to World of Warcraft), the first character I created was awesome. It took forever to lift up, not assign what I said, die repeatedly, and slowly work my way up to the most difficult problems.

When I started playing as a new character, I moved on to the first 30 levels: I understood management, how the game works and what I should do; it’s so easy a second time!

The same is true for every battle you encounter in the first place in every game. Strive to learn the process, lose a lot of your health, but you break the code. When you face the boss again, you will easily win.

Getting in style is no different. Each time we try to step up and down, we learn a little bit about how management works. Maybe we lost a few pounds in plan A, but it fell into plan B. If we go to the gym for a few weeks and stop when we come back next time we will know what inside but is not necessary. Get the threat of exercise in the public eye as before.

Each time you start a project, you get closer to the point.

It turns out that this strategy can be important in motivating us to move forward.

Capitalize on the Momentum

Wharton professor Katherine Milkman demonstrates practice in studying her “New Beginnings”:

The study showed that Google searches for the term “diet” (Study 1), exercise visit (Study 2), as well as search for a purpose (Study 3) increase after the time series (eg ., Beginning of a new week, month, year or half-year of birth, birthday, holiday.

We suggest that these icons acknowledge the passage of time, create several new thought-provoking moments each year, highlight past and past imperfections, make people feel much better about their lives, and thus stimulate desire.

In short: there is a key element in our lives (January 1, birthday, Monday) when we say “okay, today is a day of change.” But it helps!

When we decide to start over one day, something powerful can happen. We can see today as the first day of our entire life: everything else that has happened up to that point is in the past and reflects our past.

Instead: today, in the future, our new style will be different.

The new version continues, moves forward, and makes a different decision than the previous one. According to the study, these new beginnings are limited, they don’t last forever! That is why what we do when we are filled with this energy is so important!

How to Start Over

The next time you come to your “Today is a New Day”, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you will have some lasting success:

1) Separate yourself from the Old Man. Today you are a different person. I don’t want to know how you made that decision yesterday; that’s your old man. Changes can happen overnight, they can last. So instead of thinking “I’ll fall again,” you may think that today there is nothing stopping you from achieving your health and wellness goals. Because of today?

2) Great power. Strength, energy, and spirit are at work in the first week of “NEW ME!” – So use it. Get started this week by making the changes that will fully help you.

• If you’ve signed up for the same gym and your own 50 workout session NOW, in a few weeks when you’re ready to start the pain, you’ve already paid and save your time, etc.

• Can you use 20 seconds of courage to sign up to the Dojo for a fight? Or sign up for a career?

• Can you use this week to clean your seat of all your old foods and buy more health mods?

• Can you go buy new gym clothes?

• Can you take the time to organize all your exercises in your Google calendar, as well as the specific date and time?

• Can you track a single item for 7-10 days, showing that it can change? How to finish a morning walk. Break your conviction and decide for yourself!

• Try to win six weeks. The problem will now end next week and start again!

During the week, look forward to exercising and try not to overdo it. If your happiness starts to wane, you should at least take steps to make lasting changes that can take weeks of low motivation.

3) The faults are different. Now the next endeavor may not be as attractive as that one, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you try to change different schedules. After all, if you do what you do on a regular basis, you will always get what you get. Try something different! Take different kinds of classes. Try blogging about your results. Control your calories. Go Paleo. Change one thing.