In Wipro limited automation, innovation, and transparency streamline the production and delivery of member communications

The Customer: Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology, research, and business systems company with more than 180,000 employees serving customers on six continents.

One of the services that Wipro provides is to act as an additional coordinator (TPA) for government Medicaid programs, which includes managing communications between all parties.

The challenge: finding a single supplier to ensure compliance and streamlining the production and delivery of member communications

Timely and honest communication from members is essential to the success of any health plan. From the registration packet and ID card to the approval and acceptance letter, as well as notification of performance changes, modern communication companies can help increase engagement, satisfaction, compliance, and loyalty, lo which in turn leads to price preservation and growth can lead.

Paul Andrews, Project Manager at Wipro, understands the role and value of team communications; it’s to ensure that more than 700,000 members of the government-covered Medicaid scheme have the information they need at the right time.


For at least a decade, Wipro had manual medium, two vendors, and one-to-one communications – one vendor managed to create and send an ID card while the other handled all other communications.

As technology has changed over the years, so have the expectations of Medicaid government clients for setup and distribution, as well as faster delivery. Wipro, in turn, encouraged its clients to make changes that would help them meet these expectations.

To manage a secure service, for example, Wipro needs end-to-end information on the production and sale of all equipment data records.

Andrews said, “When an ID card issuer has a problem, we have no idea.” We will verify the situation as it progresses. “

More Operational Challenges

In addition to the lack of understanding and focus on balance, Andrews and Wipro’s program manager Mahesh Mullath also developed a platform for production.

This means that Wipro must have the technology and the people to manage the production process, the work of common communication partners. You should also consider the strength of each provider to send and receive group files. This caused many problems; a vendor requires a CD-ROM that only a Wipro user has the knowledge and ability to handle.

In addition to all the hard work, Wipro should also give the printer more time to meet deadlines, where limited capacity and bandwidth mean the job often spans several days.

Solution: Problem-free, automated communication production, and delivery as well as a complete understanding

Andrews said of Change Healthcare, a former Wipro vendor, said, “We want to understand your authority and review your process carefully, discussing plans and benefits, what works and what doesn’t, and how our environment is changing. I want the whole process to be automated and our products not to depend on a single person. “

Andrews and Mullath discovered the Client Access System (CAS) compatible self-service portal, a game-changer. The portal informs customers in the production process from collecting files to shipping. The online camera and barcode are used to track the content during this process. So when a customer asks a question, the file can be accessed directly and in a timely manner to see what is being said.

Andrews said, “Then let’s look at the price.” It wouldn’t make sense to me to run at all these high prices if I had to pay a higher price. It makes sense in terms of space. We can cut our costs from what we pay our customers twice due to energy and health exchange rates. “

The results: Optimized efficiency, safety, and continuous innovation

Mullah said that change encompasses both mild experiences and stressful times. He said, “As with any new system, this is a big change.” We expected to do it all at once, but we’re going to split it into two parts. It will have implementation and delivery ramifications, but as long as we’re working on it and making things happen, I think that’s really good. ”

Fortunately, the benefits of automation and innovation have been recognized.

Aside from one door, I know what is happening all the time. We have full visibility into this process and we can manage what is being delivered in a given time.”

“Change Health fixes all of our templates. I can log into the portal and download this image, work with it above, and see the change as it happens [instantly]. This process is, therefore, more critical than ever. I can see what has been created and what has been removed. You could take a photo of the book, print it out, and read the description in that book. My employees could do all of this and then give me statistics right away; you don’t need anyone to help you, all you need is a link to the site and credentials. For me, that’s the best part.