Integration of behavioral and medical health

Case Overview:

A low-income freelance taxpayer has decided that the best way to combine behavioral health with health care is to put health practice into practice and develop a seamless workflow and management system. The applicant asked Change Healthcare Consulting, an experienced professional, an experienced consultant with more than 20 years of experience in both healthcare and medical care, to try to start a new business plan. These partnerships include the establishment of new call centers, the creation of standard functions/procedures (registration, notification processing, customer service, hospital services, requests, and complaints, etc.), the development of policies and procedures, the recruitment and training of staff and the recruitment of new staff functions on the customer’s current technology platform.


The client has removed all behavioral health services for more than 10 years, meaning he or she has no internal experience in behavioral health. This is a major challenge in defining business needs, developing an embedded system, and updating the system to support a new business model. Creating and training new employees is also a challenge given customers ’limited resources in the behavioral health business. Finally, moving a company from a supplier system to a complex customer system due to data instability and interaction problems.


Healthcare team members change the information area and help the customer write down what the company needs, train staff, and system upgrades to support the new business process. The consulting team closes the gap between the customer and the vendor to help solve information and social challenges through processing, communication, and implementation. By solving key issues, Change Healthcare Consulting can help the client begin a new behavioral health business process without negatively impacting performance and performance standards.


The client’s health plan was successfully obtained, then agreed on a planned date, and is currently in use. The inclusion of the Behavioral Health Department will strengthen the health planning plan for better care of its members.