Medical Analytics

Medical Analytics

Deep learning and machine learning are being used extensively in the healthcare sector. A few years ago, these technologies were unimaginable in terms of their ability to forecast events accurately for their masters. This collection’s case studies give readers an overview of how some of these organizations are attempting to take use of the analytical capabilities of machine learning. The compilation is a list of several issues that different sectors have asked the data science community to address at various points in time. The dataset that was published is described, as well as the issues that were raised. For them to continue providing timely and efficient service to society, such widespread usage of this technology is necessary.

To avoid infant and mother death, categorize foetal health.


By 2030, the UN anticipates that all nations will have eradicated avoidable infant and child mortality, bringing it down to 25 deaths per 1,000 live births or below in all nations.

Of course, maternal mortality runs parallel to the idea of infant mortality and accounts for 295 000 fatalities during and after pregnancy and delivery (as of 2017). The bulk of these deaths (94%) took place in low-resource areas, and most of them could have been avoided.

In light of the foregoing, cardiotocographs (CTGs) are a straightforward and inexpensive way for healthcare practitioners to examine foetal health, allowing them to take action to reduce infant and mother deaths.


The characteristics from 2126 records of cardiotocograph examinations in this dataset were separated into three groups by three expert obstetricians, and they are represented in this dataset as follows:

  • Common
  • Suspect
  • A pathological


To categorize CTG characteristics into the three foetal health statuses, create a multiclass model.

It is predicted that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine will degrade

An efficient vaccination that can be delivered fairly and extensively will be necessary to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. Scientists have been able to expedite their hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine by building on decades of prior research, yet every day that passes without such a vaccine still has significant consequences for the whole globe.

As the most rapid COVID-19 vaccine candidates, mRNA vaccines are now in the lead, but they also provide significant potential risks. Designing highly stable messenger RNA molecules is one of the most difficult tasks at hand right now (mRNA). The shipping of mRNA vaccines is presently not feasible, whereas conventional vaccinations are often packed in single-use syringes and transported worldwide under refrigeration.


We shall forecast the rates of RNA sequence degradation at certain points. The training data includes a variety of ground truth values. Even though according to the submission format, all five must be anticipated; only the following are scored:

  • Deg Mg pH10
  • Deg Mg 50C,
  • Reactivity.