Cat or dog? This animal may be a greater support for persons who are really emotional.

Cat or dog? This animal may be a greater support for persons who are really emotional.

Higher education can be stressful for students, but some academic institutions provide stress relief by hosting activities where students can connect with animals.

One can interact with a dog at about 86% of these events. The idea of spending time with cats to unwind is appealing to students as well.

Cat visits particularly pique the interest of students who have the Big Five emotionality attribute.

The concept underlying the term “emotionality” is that it is a measure of the intensity of a person’s emotional response to a stimulus and how they respond and act as a result.

Therefore, a high emotionality score merely indicates that you are likely to have strong feelings or reactions to experiences.

The ability to react powerfully or passionately to very slight stimuli, as cats are known to do, may be reflected in the attribute of emotionality.

Stress reduction using animals.

Both participants who had dogs and participants who had cats saw a statistically significant drop in depression after residing with their respective ESAs.

A higher decline in depression ratings was seen in cat owners.

If cats were more frequently included in animal-assisted intervention programs, with species-specific criteria tailored for cat requirements and welfare, people may be reached with corresponding advantages.

What can cats provide?

According to some theories, behavioral training has as much to do with the misconception that cats are distant and inattentive to people as anything else. This idea is explored in a fantastic new cat documentary on Netflix.

Cats that have been socialized and reared with people may be a reliable source of affection, solace, and company for those who are struggling to control their emotions.

Such assistance may have a particularly positive effect on those with high emotional quotients who also have nerve systems that are more sensitive or reactive.

When we are disturbed, the warmth of a cat’s body, the vibration of a purr, and the texture of the cat’s hair may all help us with “grounding,” or being in the present.

Dogs can also offer this kind of assistance, although some individuals might find living with cats as friends more appealing due to their size and less complicated care requirements.