GeneQuantum and AIMEDBIO are collaborating on a best-in-class antibody-drug conjugate

GeneQuantum Healthcare Co., Ltd., a specialist in site-specific bioconjugation for next-generation biotherapeutics, has entered into an agreement with Korean Biotech Company Aimed Bio Inc. to promote world-class antibiotics. (ADC). Aimed Bio, an outsourcing company of Samsung Medical Center, is focused on developing a new anti-centric drug for cerebral palsy with fewer treatment options. Further details were not disclosed.

GeneQuantum is focused on developing the next-generation antibody-drug conjugate. Using its proprietary ligase-dependent conjugation technology that enables site linking of cytotoxins or other types of rewards in antibiotics, the Company has developed a robust pipeline of 10+ assets, and many or near hospitals tire. In addition to expanding its unique technology platform, the company has entered into numerous partnerships with biotech/hospital companies and international partners. The growing number of collaborations speaks volumes about the power of GeneQuantum technology not only to enhance the therapeutic properties of existing molecules but also to create a new class of molecules and ultimately increase the number of treatment options available to patients worldwide stand. GeneQuantum is excited about the significant potential of its partnership with business partners and will continue to expand its pipeline into the pharmaceutical and protein therapy markets.

Collaborative ADC is the first asset in the class that has a variety of defenses against special targets, stable link building, and newspaper fees that have a strong lethal effect. The resulting ADC is expected to treat brain tumors and other cancers with significant non-specific needs.

“As a new Antibody + company, we are looking for partners to maximize the benefits of our platform technology for cerebral palsy and CNS disorders. The collaboration is based on a positive match between the two companies to develop FIC ADC. With a close relationship, we are pleased to be able to offer flexible treatment to patients without the treatment being good at this time. “

Dr. Dohyun Nam, Founder & Chairman, CTO of Aimed Bio and a world-renowned neurosurgeon with 32 years of experience in brain and CNS disorders, said, “Aimed Bio has successfully expanded its R&D pipeline over the years, 2 years ago so was I. I am excited to start this partnership with GeneQuantum. After reviewing the data, GeneQuantum’s pay link and link-building technology have proven to be extremely safe and effective a tremendous effect on the field. We look forward to starting a clinical trial as soon as possible.”

History of GeneQuantum Healthcare Co. Ltd.

GeneQuantum Healthcare Co., Ltd is a leading biopharmaceutical technology company dedicated to the development of novel biotherapeutics. The Company is focused on developing next-generation bioconjugate treatment to address the unhealthy health needs of cancer patients worldwide. Visit for more information.

History of AIMEDBIO Inc.

AIMEDBIO is an outsourced company established by Samsung Medical Center in August 2018. AIMEDBIO strives to treat patients with serious brain diseases, including neuro-oncological and degenerative diseases, in order to save patients’ lives and improve patients’ lives. . Based on a strong global network of leading think tanks in the field, an impressive research team with great accomplishments, and an R&D pipeline with the excellent drug development process, AIMEDBIO is at the forefront of developing new treatments for various brain diseases.