M1 MedTech Accelerator Program Opens Applications to Early Stage Medical Device Companies

M1 MedTech, a fast-growing medical technology company backed by Proxima Clinical Research, a contract research firm based in Texas Medical Center, has announced that it is accepting applications for its fall team. M1 MedTech is looking for 5-7 new medical device companies and is committed to joining the 3-month program. The program has closed initial investments and selects companies to invest up to $100,000 in the summer, in a combination of financing and tangible services.

“Our unique program combines fast capital, industry expertise, advanced CRO management, and healthcare,” said Larry Lawson, Partner, and Investor at M1. There’s no better way to build MedTech than this.”

When we work with multiple companies at different levels, the diversity of this journey comes into the marketplace. But with Proxima CROs and runners across the country, we understand that there are important gaps that need to be filled for these young people, they need the administrative and medical help of experts with hundreds of success stories in this field and we are RAC “We found that we also needed help with design, manufacturing, business, IP, etc. “These young people need to know what they don’t know. . That said, we put a lot of ideas into what the industry meant and what the rising executives really wanted, and from there we built the lineage M1.”

M1 MedTech is designed to support the emerging medical device industry, providing immersive experiences that deliver tangible benefits to participating companies. This event brings together a handful of companies on each team and provides a unique way for developers to help promote their company and technology. The curriculum includes outreach programs, social media where participants can build on what the institution can achieve, and one-on-one training.

“This is a well-designed program for startups focused on Class II and III medical devices,” said Sean Bittner, Ph.D., and Chief Program Officer, M1 MedTech. Medical device companies aren’t making enough progress through the pipeline to qualify for an early seed or seed program, complete customer reviews, know what they want to talk about, and contact FDA or “initial testing or clinical trials.” No, says Bittner.

The 12-week curriculum will cover a wide range of topics including planning and company management, early clinical research, and management approvals. It’s one of the other important guides to getting started. We’re proud to help our founders continue to rapidly grow their ability to

prepare and trade their investment process at critical times.”

Experts from Greenlight Guru, Medrio, Galen Data and Merge Medical Device Studio have joined the Proxima CRO as sponsors of the program and will assist with content delivery and guidance. Applications continue through May 31.

About M1 MedTech

The M1 MedTech is an accelerator/incubator designed for building MedTech facilities. The program provides capital, marketing expertise, and CRO services, as well as hands-on and hands-on experience, guiding beginners to becoming leaders in MedTech and promoting their industry and technology. These tutorials include curated learning programs with a focus on organizational structure and quality, individual consultations, and social media where participants can build industry-specific resources.