MedTech Company STENTiT collects 1.8 million euros in seed round

STENTiT, a healthcare provider offering a new class of regenerative endovascular implants to treat heart disease, has completed its 1.8 million mkpụrụ investment. This money will help further develop the hospital and produce recycled stents (see video) for a local show. The investments were made by Dutch investors NextGen Ventures, Brabant Development Agency, and Ten Cate Investment Company.

STENTiT is a leading player in resilient medical devices, providing an effective solution to cardiac arrest through the development of the first batch of reproductive endovascular implants. Using a catheter-based system, these devices offer the ability to repair nerves without the need for surgery. The aim is to restore the affected blood vessels with a long-lasting solution.

As the first goal makes clear, the company wants to improve the treatment of acute ischemia. This type of vascular disease affects nearly five million people in the EU and US in this part of the world, where fractured blood flows to the feet. Unfortunately, current treatment options are not working, resulting in reductions within 6 months in 40% of these patients.

From the stent of the circulatory system, circulatory blood is maintained by maintaining vascular patency using temporary functional support and improving long-term performance by promoting vascular repair, thereby preventing thousands of cuts per year.

This funding period supports our vision to bring to market a new class of implants that can rebuild affected blood vessels and protect your limbs from amputation.”


STENTiT is a Dutch Technical University Eindhoven medical device manufacturer focused on the development of endovascular implant placement. These applications can trigger a natural therapeutic response by circulating blood cells that replace the implant with new vascular tissue to restore nerves from the uterus.

Since its inception, STENTiT has received global recognition and awards for its innovative approach, spanning the ranks of world leaders. As the company advances its next language translation program, STENTiT is fulfilling its dream of becoming a new standard in endovascular therapy and providing life-changing solutions to millions of cardiac patients around the world.