ASUS and Chrome OS for healthcare professionals

ASUS and Chrome OS are dedicated to ensuring that businesses are prepared to meet the needs of their services. With ASUS and Chrome OS for Healthcare Professionals, patient care can be taken to the next level by providing healthcare professionals with adaptive tools tailored to each environment for a variety of needs.

Chromebooks are accelerating, promoting security, and improving performance for fast-growing and flexible users as well as high-pressure healthcare companies. The long time spent in the workplace, as well as the long-term footwear of traditional digital devices, can cost time managers precious energy. Chromebooks help solve the kinds of problems healthcare professionals face by providing greater flexibility and mobility.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is a computer or tablet that runs on the Google Chrome OS operating system. With no updates or software, using a Chromebook you can afford it, open the cover and start using it right away. Additionally, Chromebook users can also install Android apps from the Google Play Store.

Let’s see the main features of this device:

• Chromebooks run in the cloud, which means that most of their applications run in the cloud rather than on the internal hard drive (as with most traditional laptops).

• Chromebooks require less processing power and memory than traditional laptop applications. Due to the small amount of hardware ChromeOS requires, Chromebooks are typically lighter and smaller than average laptops.

• Chromebooks are automatically protected against viruses.

• Chromebooks need to be charged for a short period of time and can last up to one business day.

Microsoft Windows and Apple MacBook laptops:

• Runs on individual Windows operating systems and macOS.

• Look for antivirus programs or virus scanners to protect against viruses, malware, and spyware.

• These devices do not perform better than Chromebooks because they have more powerful hardware.

• They can be used online and offline, but users are always looking for the Internet to work properly on the cloud and Chromebook.

As you can see, Chromebooks have different features than these laptops. So why are Chromebooks the best choice for healthcare groups? Keep reading to know more!