Inspire the world in a group fitness center with Jenny Ford in 2021

In recognition of the fact that May is Women’s Health Month, we are organizing a new series of dialogues focusing on women’s health and fitness professionals. Hosted by members of the ACE team, these inspiring talks explore the challenges faced by women in the fitness industry, discuss the importance of representation, and provide valuable advice to aspiring fitness professionals.

This series aims to continue ACE’s talk of equity, diversity, and inclusion by amplifying the voice of fitness professionals. According to an article published in 2018 by MVP Sports Clubs, the vast majority of personal trainers, health trainers, and group fitness trainers are women. The same article indicates that men outnumber women on most management teams in the fitness industry, especially in CEO positions. This disparity between fitness professionals and female fitness industry executives is just one of the challenges faced by women in the fitness industry.

Make an impact by taking virtual group fitness

When most of us think about group fitness, we don’t think about doing it virtually. We think of large groups, a lot of energy, and an instructor who makes us move even when we are tired. Jenny Ford took the concept of group fitness and expanded her studio class audience to the world. Using her YouTube channel, Jenny has produced workouts that have amassed millions of views and moved people around the world.

His philosophy for health and fitness participants is based on three principles: PROTECTION, GOAL, and PEACE. “Continue to train and feel deep within your incredible power. Find solutions to the stresses in our lives! I have been diagnosed with” Anxiance Disorder “and have struggled with it my whole life. Whatever the challenge that is. You face it. Let’s face it. It’s the gift and the miracle of exercise! “

Jenny’s ACE expert and long-time friend, Shannon Fable, entertained our Facebook page and discussed Jenny’s roots, the philosophy of fitness, and the adversity that she has faced throughout her career.